seductive kisses
seductive kisses

Wednesday, April 07, 2004
Has anyone heard 'Roses' by OutKast? It is my new favorite song for the week. I love it. Love, love, love. Other notables for the week: Chingy-One Call Away, Usher-Burn, Switchfoot-Meant To Live. I'm nervous about American Idol tonight. One of my faves could be going home. Now for the dailies and Wednesday memes.

Daily Dirt.

Would You Rather...

1. Eat a live worm or eat a dead frog? Eww, the worm.
2. Loose your long term memory or loose your short term memory? Oi, short.
3. Die without saying goodbye to your friend or your friend dieing without them saying goodbye? I'll die. Wait, that sounded bad. Nevermind.
4. Make a bull mad or make an alligator mad? Bull.
5. Die in a fire or die drowning? Drowning.

Wednesday Mind Hump.

1. Week 11 you were asked to list four things about you using the letters B-L-O-G. This week do the same thing but use the letters H-U-M-P. Just use one word or feel free to get gabby about it. I am Horribly impatient. Understanding. Mildly Insane. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza.

2. If you were a dessert, what would you be and why? A glazed donut. lol. I dunno. I was having disturbing thoughts.

3. Imagine if you will that you are being held hostage by a pompous, self-grandizing, BORING person on your IM. You're trying to be polite but really want to brush this person off. Being crazy and creative, list three things that you could tell that person to excuse yourself now AND discourage them from contacting you ever again. 1. I'd tell them that I have to go change my diaper because its really starting to stick to my back hair. 2. I'd tell them that I have to go because we only get 15 minutes of computer time at the State Pen. and my bitch is waiting for his turn. 3. When they ask for my picture, I'd send them one of Sally Struthers and convince them it was me.

4. You are a work of art. What are you? Explain why. A collage of all things pink, soft, and gray. Why? Because I am drawing a blank otherwise.

5. Do you have an talent that is interesting but totally useless? (Example: being able to touch your nose with our tongue, tear a phone book in half ... ) Tell us about it. Music trivia. Putting my leg over my head. Staying awake for an ungodly amount of hours.

Wednesday Whatevers.

1. Would you rather be alone or surrounded by enemies for the rest of your life, and why? Enemies, no one wants to be alone. I'd die anyway from sheer boredom.
2. Would you choose an eternal but cursed life, or death? Why? Eternal cursed life. Bad things will happen, but life is still worth living.
3. What 5 websites do you visit first everyday? Daily Dirt.
RW/RR Blog. Pink Machine. The Miz. Daily Spark.

Whats On...Right Now?

What's On your outside thermometer Right Now? (I realize not everyone has an outside thermometer; what's the weather like right now where you live?) What season are you in? It is Spring here. Right now it is 70 degrees outside. It is a very nice day.

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