seductive kisses
seductive kisses

Saturday, April 24, 2004
I always thought I'd be a mom, sometimes I wish for a mistake. The longer that I wait, the more selfish that I get. - No Doubt - Simple Kind Of Life

Last night was so much fun, considering that there was a huge bar brawl. I met a lot of new people. And had fun with old friends as well. It was just a good time. I just hope tonight is as good as last night was. =) I'm still too lazy for an actual meme. So you get this...

[i am] a very confused girl.
[i think] better when I listen to music.
[i know] more than I let on.
[i want] I have no clue as to what I want.
[i wish] I had direction.
[i miss] Mike.
[i fear] failure.
[i hear] music, all the time.
[i search] for myself.
[i wonder] how everything will turn out.
[i regret] nothing.
[i love] music.
[i care] about all of my friends and family.
[i always] DO... before I think.
[i dance] every day.
[i cry] often, lately.
[i do not always] know what the hell I am doing.
[i fight] for what I believe in.
[i write] what I feel.
[i lose] stuff all the time.
[i confuse] everyone, even myself.
[i listen] not as often as I should.
[i can usually be found] drinking.
[i need] you tonight.
[i should] clean the house, but I'm lazy. |
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