seductive kisses
seductive kisses

Monday, April 12, 2004
I know it was yesterday, but I wasn't feeling so festive. So... Happy Easter everyone. Now its meme time.

Daily Dirt.
What would you do if...
1. Your best friend betrayed you? Well, first I would want to know why. Then I might cry, worry, analyze the situation. After a day or two, we would talk. And then I would decide if the friendship was worth saving.
2. Your life turned upside down one day? Depends on what caused my life to turn upside down.
3. You had no one you could trust? I would feel very very alone, but I would try to make the most of my independence.
4. Your boyfriend flirted with your friends right in front of you? Oh, we have to have a talk. Now.
5. You messed up a perfect friendship? I've done that, and I hated myself for the longest time. I'm still working on it. But we have been able to become friends again. =)

Monday Music Mambo.

This week we ask the musical question...What's in a Name? Take the letters of your first name and see what song titles can come from your name...or band names....or hey do it twice and do it with both..


M : Metallica
I : Iron Maiden
S : Slayer
T : Tesla
Y : Yes


M : My Immortal
I : I Can't Make You Love Me
S : She's Like The Wind
T : This Love
Y : You're The One

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