seductive kisses
seductive kisses

Monday, April 26, 2004
Oh take your time, don't live too fast. Troubles will come, and they will pass. - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man

Right to the memes. I don't feel well, I may do more later.

Monday Madness.

I'm running out of ideas (hint! hint!!) I hope you enjoy this week's question. Using the letters in the word 'blogger' describe your blog for us.
B_______ Beautiful. haha.
L_______ Lots of memes.
O_______ Other blogging links.
G_______ Goofy sayings.
G_______ Ghastly amounts of pink.
E_______ Enough content to keep you occupied.
R_______ Rrrrrr... really funny. =)

Monday Music Mambo.

So here we go. Using the letters of your favorite band or artist tell us a little more about yourself.
They can be words or phrases, so the more craziness the better. And remember to leave a comment to let us know your done or even put your answers in the comments. Have lots of fun and you can take as much time as you need.

*shake shake shake*

Everyone have a grrreat monday with lots of crazy insane love from us to you.


O - Original.
T - Totally crazy.
I - Idealistic.
S - Sensitive.

R - Really dorky.
E - Extremely impatient.
D - Daring
D - Different.
I - Independent.
N - Nuerotic.
G - Genuine.

Daily Dirt.
1. you could have a lifetime supply of something, what would you want? Pizza, beer, love. I dunno.
2. you could be an object, what would you be? A bed.
3. you could steal something of your crush's room, what would you get? Lava lamp.
4. you could travel right now, where would you go? California.
5. could date someone famous, who would you date ?Vin Diesel.

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