seductive kisses
seductive kisses

Saturday, April 17, 2004
Oi, Saturday. Which usually means I have a hangover. But I'm feeling quite fine today. Just a little lazy, and my friends have been on my case since 1pm. to go to the park with them. It is now 5pm, and I told them to give me another hour so I could post. Haha, I am such a nerd. Afterwards, we're going to go see 2 local bands. Hard Drive and Route 33. Fun, fun times. Have a great weekend, everyone. Meme time.

Daily Dirt.

Role Models

1. Is your role model famous? or not famous? Not.
2. If you role model died one day how would you feel? How do you think it would feel, it would destroy me.
3. Does your role model's actions effect you? Of course, they do.
4. Is there something you and your role model have in common? Well, we have the same last name, genes, eye color, ... ya know.
5. Who is your role model? My parents.

I'm way too lazy to do all of the Saturday memes, so sorry to the following
Saturday 8.
Saturday Slant.
Saturday Senses.

But I will do this one....

Sexy Saturday.

Sexy Saturday - Week 56 - (Temporary) Impotence

What's the best way to deal with (hopefully temporary) male floppiness?

How do you react to (temporary) impotence, how do you deal with it? Have you ever had any particular experience with (temporary) impotence? What did you do to solve the problem? If you've never come across the problem and your partner revealed that kind of problem to you, would you quit the relationship, or how long would you try to help your partner until you give up? Has anyone ever left you for that kind of (temporary) problem?

Ya know, that has only happened to the men I have been with.. twice. Just twice in my entire life. So it wasn't really a big deal. I told him/them... that it happens to everyone and not to worry about it. Of course they do, way too much. So I told them that the more they worry about it, the more it will happen. Stress is a factor, ya know. So I guess it never happens because I am just that damn good. =)
I'm totally kidding. Not. lol.

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