seductive kisses
seductive kisses

Sunday, April 04, 2004

This is actually Saturdays post. So... meme time.

Daily Dirt.

Long, long list

Give me your
1. Top 5 favourite movies: Dirty Dancing, 28 Days, Hope Floats, The Stand, and LOTR.
2. Top 5 dates: As in July 4th? Or a date date... ehhh. Next.
3. Top 5 drinks: Dr. Pepper, Budweiser, Screwdriver, Buttery Nipple, and Bottled water.
4. Top 5 TV Shows: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Roseanne, My So-Called Life, The Real World, Survivor.
5. Top 5 websites: Hmm, I'm sure if I like it, it is on this page somewhere.

Saturday 8.

saturday-8 :: tigers and lions and bears, oh my!

1. i just purchased a new pet - a seal point siamese kitty. are you a 'cat person'? why or why not? Not really, no particular reason. I'm just not ready for a pet.

2. what is your favourite kind of pet to have, or your dream pet? cat, dog, hamster, horse, tiger, dolphin, etc.? A dog.

3. do you currently own any pets? if so, please tell us what they are & their names. if not, tell us why you don't own a pet. Nope.

4. i am thinking about naming my baby kitten 'jimmy wah' after the gay bar owner in the movie "good morning, vietnam." my kids HATE this, but i thought it was cute to have a kitty named jimmy. what is the COOLEST name you've ever heard for a pet? Nasheek.

5. my stbx takes his dog to a dog park, where there is a dog named "DOG" (pronounced "dee-oh-gee"). everyone and their dog makes fun of this guy. what is the most idiotic name you've ever heard for a pet? Hmm, puppy.

6. ok - seal point siamese kitten. do you have an idea for a name for me, or should i stick with 'jimmy wah'? (i also have a turtle named "suzi wong," btw) lol, jimmy is cool.

7. my almost-ex wanted a boxer dog SO badly, and i gave in and we purchased one. the dog hates me and is afraid of me because it knows i cannot stand it. would you get a dog/pet just to please your mate? Nope.

8. would you ever consider owning a 'different' pet, like a tiger or an alligator or some weird flying monkey? why or why not? Nah, could get dangerous.

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