seductive kisses
seductive kisses

Oh, Mother.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004
I know it's only been Tuesday for an hour, but I have an early day tomorrow and class all night. Yay for finals. Not. So I am doing most of the Tusday memes now. Maybe I will get to the rest of them before Tuesday is over. Maybe not. AND DO NOT FORGET to go here and look at my new layout. Comment about whether I should stick with the old, or go with the new. Thanks.

TV Tuesday.

Week 8 - The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.
In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday (what- you forgot? Shame on you! Get thee to a Hallmark Store!) This week’s questions will be about that beloved group of ladies we all know and love- TV moms.

1. Who is/was your favorite TV mom? I know I sound like a broken record, but I love Roseanne. I can't help it. The woman cracks me up. I also have to say Kitty from That 70's Show. She reminds me of my mom. Oh, and Patty From My So-Called Life. She was great.

2. Was she a realistic mother, or more of a TV fantasy type? They were all realistic in their own way, just made to be more dramatic and over-the-top for TV purposes.

3. Which TV mom did you find the most unrealistic? Or if you’d rather: creepy , sappy , mean. You choose the adjective, and you name the mom. Creepy - Peg Bundy from Married with Children. But still hilarious.

~Bonus~ No disrespect to your dear old mum, but which TV mom did you think it might be neat to have as your own? ROSEANNE. We would have awesome bitch fests.

Thanks for playing! Happy Mother’s Day, and always remember the loving words of TV mom Roseanne Conner: “If those kids are alive by the time he comes home at the end of the day, then hey, I’ve done my job!”

And on that note... I found a quiz. What TV Mom are you?

I did not cheat, I'm telling ya. But of course I was Roseanne.

Roseanne Connor

You are Roseanne Connor from Roseanne. You've probably got a sarcastic streak, and you may take some pleasure in embarrassing your brood. But ultimately, your kids know that when they really, really, really need to talk about something, you will listen...eventually. Truth is, you tend to see things from their points of view; you just don't like to let them in on that until necessary. That's your little secret. And while it may not be your style (or fit your schedule) to compulsively whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies, if your kids want to microwave some popcorn and watch TV with you, there's always room on the couch, and even on your lap.

Ten On Tuesday.

10 Things That We Probably Don't Know About You

1. I eat abundant amounts of junk food.
2. My best friend is my ex-fiance.
3. If I watch scary movies I have nightmares.
4. I slept in my parents bed until I was almost in the double digits.
5. I've kept a diary ever since I can remember. I am now on my 6th one.
6. My English Prof. told me that I had the talent to become a good writer.
7. I already bought my mom her mothers day gift. Go me.
8. I cannot wash a plate if spaghetti has touched it. The smell makes me sick and I literally gag.
9. I was this.... far ... away from touching Joe Nichols. Ahhh.
10.I need a job.

Tuesday Iffers.

Now You See Me, Now You Don't...
If you could be invisible for a day what would you do and why? Oh, the possibilities are endless. You could eavesdrop without being caught. You could watch Brad Pitt shower. You could walk around naked all day. You could scare the bejesus out of people. Ahh, the fun that would ensue. For me, at least.

Tuesday Twosome.


1. Do you prefer: Fiction or non-fiction? Mostly non-fiction.

2. Do you prefer: Magazines or books? Ehh, probably magazines.

3. Do you prefer: Biography or autobiography? Auto. I wanna hear it from their point of view.

4. Name your two favorite books: Steven King's The Stand. And Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.

5. Name two books you haven't read, but plan to: Hmm, I'll get back to ya on that one. Anyone read any good ones lately?
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