seductive kisses
seductive kisses

The President stopped by.

Thursday, May 13, 2004
Yes, you read it correctly. George Bush was in my little hometown today visiting one of the local highschools. He said he wanted to talk about education. Mm hmm. It was on television here all day. There were 246 cop cars from the local airport to the highschool. It was crazy. There were wrecks all day because of the traffic. I do not think anyone was seriously hurt. I hope not, anyway. My sister lives right beside the only airport in town. It is small, very small. Cops were parked all the way up her driveway all day. They wouldn't even let her check her mail. She sat outside all day with her digital camera. lol. She wanted some pics, yo. When Mr. Bush was trying to leave the highschool, war protesters blocked his path. They were all holding up John Kerry signs. But the cops removed all of them, and the President got safely to the airport. But it was quite a day. The town that we live in is soooo small. Like 1000 people small. The next town over is where the highschool is located. But its only like 10 minutes away. Regardless, thats the most action our town has seen since Jessica Lynch. Ya know, the P.O.W.? Anyway... Jessica Lynch lives like 20 minutes from me. I do not know her personally, but this time last year it was crazy around here. Camera people were everywhere. For such a tiny West Virginia town, we've been getting a lot of action lately. Plus, our town is home to one of the largest power plants. Everyone used to scare me and tell me that if we ever had another terrorist attack, it would be the power plant. I live 5 minutes from there! Don't scare me like that people. So yeah... no memes or anything today. I'm too wound up. One of the wrecks that happened today was just 200 yards from my house. Everyone was okay. Let us pray for a nice, quiet, accident-free, terror-free, restful, relaxing weekend. Have a great one everyone. Oh, my sister just IM'd me too. I will put the funny part here.

Kellim: Bush sucks
Magicrazberi: lol, why?
Kellim: I missed the limo cause it was going like 90 miles an hour
Magicrazberi: haha, no pictures?
Kellim: the cops wouldn't let us near the road
Kellim: but I got a cool shot of the helicopter
Kellim: and a black SUV
Magicrazberi: You are such a nerd.
Kellim: and a million of halee in the yard
Kellim: i know |
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