seductive kisses
seductive kisses

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Monday, May 10, 2004
Despite my initial resistance, I have started my job hunt. I only went to 2 places today, but hey its a start. I know I'm not going to find a "great" job seeing as how I just finished my first year of college, but I need cash. We do what we gotta do when we want independence. The two places I went to today weren't really my kind of thing. I do not have the audacity to be a telemarketer when I hang up on them every chance that I get. The hunt continues... Wish me luck.

Monday Madness.

1. If you had a farm, what would you name the following animals: Pig, Cow, Goose, Chicken and Horse (assume these are show animals and not food.)
Pig - Oliver.
Cow - LuLu.
Goose - Gwendolyn.
Chicken - Betina.
Horse - Sparkles.

2. What are the top ten spices you use in cooking and what is cooked with them as the main spice (ie. Oregano: Spaghetti) I will never make it to 10. So I'm just gonna say that I love the smell of Nutmeg. Don't really use it that much. But oh well. I don't cook much, I bake. So I usually don't use many spices.

3. Name your favorite flower and describe yourself using the letters.


Oh boy, am I rowdy
So, so rowdy
Ehhh, I'm done now

Monday Music Mambo.

This weeks Mambo is based of off 'I say, you think'... So when I say a word you will need to answer with the first song or artist you think of when you hear that word.

1. love - Love, love will keep us together. Think of me baby whenever.
2. ball - Bounce, baby out the door.
3. Dave - Bowie. Let's Dance.
4. batman - dun a dun a dun a dun dun a BATMAN!
5. cat - k k k k k k Katmandu.
6. heart - Ann & Nancy Wilson. I loved that band. Especially their song "Alone".
7. seven - Seven Spanish Angels - Willie Nelson.
8. gum Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli, lollipop, lollipop. Dum, dum, dum dum.
9. road - Lonely Road of Faith - Kid Rock.
10. blue - You can do anything but stay off of my blue suede shoes. - The king.
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