seductive kisses
seductive kisses

Warning: This post contains highly flammable material.

Monday, May 24, 2004
I had a bad weekend, I am having a bad morning. You may want to run away from this post right now. I warned you, I really did. I am soooo cranky. Seriously. If I was a toon, I would have smoke coming out of my ears. I just had to deal with a lot of family drama this weekend. And ex-boyfriend drama, too. I am extremely tired and I started my period Saturday. I have those extra pain cramps. When you feel like 50% of your body is just terrorizing the other half. And.. AND..It is so friggin' hot here. I feel that icky, sticky, skin peeling away from my body vibe. But really, I am feeling alright. lol. If I can still laugh at myself then that is a sure sign that I wasn't too cranky to begin with. I just needed to vent for a second or two. I will be back later in the day to blog hop. And today I WILL get to all of the e-mails. I'm serious. I am. You don't believe me do ya? I don't blame ya.

Monday Music Mambo.

So lets get warmed up....Mambo around the room a few times. No, don't do that, you might be at work and people will think you're crazy!!

Let's start out by telling us a bit about yourself using the words "Mambo"

Misty is my name.
And believe me, Mis is not the same. (As Misty)(Please don't call me Mis)
Making things rhyme is lame.
But then again, I am lame, though I do got game.
Orange and Blue are not the same.

And since we're all in a dancing kinda mood....here's the rest. It's a bit of "I say, you think," but with a twist.

I'm going to say, one word...and you list as many things as you want that come to mind when you see it.

Are you ready?

Are ya sure

Here it is.....


*Let's Dance - David Bowie
*Somedays You Just Gotta Dance - Dixie Chicks
*funky chicken
*Dance With The One That Brought Ya - Shania Twain
*Dirty Dancing
*Save The Last Dance
*Do a Little Dance, make a little love, get down tonight. Whooooo.

So if your ready....get dancing..and remember to come back and comment when your done and let us know your mamboed.

Monday Madness.

This week it's all about blogs! On to the questions...

1. I started blogging about 4 months ago.
2. I try to post a new entry in my blog about every 2 days.
3. I read about 15 blogs on a regular basis.
4. I change my layout about 359 times a year.
5. I used to keep an online diary, and now I blog instead.
6. I spend more time blogging than I do watching television, but that is a good thing.
7. I tend to blog (and visit blogs) most in the early morning.
8. The thing I enjoy most about blogging is all my lovely fellow bloggers.
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