seductive kisses
seductive kisses

Your daddy don't dance.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004
One more meme. I have an appointment at 10:30. It is now 9:20 and here I sit. lol. Procrastination is a killer. And c'mon people. Comment telling me if you like this layout or the new one better. Thanks Candy, for commenting.

Tuesday Is Chooseday.

Would you rather:
1. While camping, have to cut your arm off with a pocket knife because it got stuck under a boulder and you were trapped for three days OR suck snake venom out of a snake bite in richard simmons' ass? Dude, I'm sucking. I don't care, I don't wanna lose an arm.
2. Have both your feet amputated at the ankles OR be in a 10 round, bare-fisted, cage match with mike tyson? Oy. Bring on the Mike. I think I can take him. lol.
3. Perform oral sex for 2 minutes on paris hilton OR anna nicole smith? Ahhh. Where are the Brad Pitts and Vin Diesels when ya need 'em? Anna Nicole. At least she worked a little to get where she is. Even if it was by using her boobs, and marrying for money.
4. Be in a big-budget, action flick with paul reubens (pee wee herman) OR a low-budget, artsy film with jesse ventura? Jesse. I loved him during his wrestling days.
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