seductive kisses
seductive kisses

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Tuesday, May 11, 2004
Don't you? Don't you? Don't you? Ignore the title, that song just happens to be stuck in my head. More job hunting today. And I am up at 4am. For the love of cheese, whyyyyyy? Why would I want a job that requires me to get up at 4am? Ehhh. Ok. Straight to the memes. I must leave soon.

TV Tuesday.

Week 9 - Reunited and it feels so good!

1. What show would you like to see brought back for an hour or two episode, to see how the characters are doing now? (This should be a show that it might be possible to do a reunion on.) I would say Roseanne, but the way she ended her show was too weird, and she was kindy wacky that last year. I still love her though. So I guess I will say The A-Team. They haven't done a reunion, have they? How could I miss that? I just wanna see B.A. Baracus look at Hannibal and say ..."Don't you just love it when a plan comes together, FOOL!?"

2. Pick a show that could not realistically be brought back for a reunion, because some or all of the cast members are gone. What if they could have done a reunion before it was too late? Name the show you'd most like to see. ALF. He's dead right? I'm just kidding. We couldn't really bring back ALF could we? The PETA kids would go nuts with him chasing that cat all day. No disrespect to the PETA kids, I'm just saying. Ya know... I'll shut up now.

3. Which reunion show have you watched and thought "Wow, they should have left that one alone!" Basically, all of them.

~Bonus~ Which do you prefer- a "reunion" episode of the series, or a "cast reunion" where the actors sit around and talk about the making of the show? Isn't Carol Burnett and Friends having a reunion? Or was I dreaming while watching too much Nick@Nite? I'd prefer a mixture of both. A half hour show, and half hour making of show. I want my cake and I'm gonna eat it too.

SOOOO.... I had to take this quiz. It fits in with my choice. Enjoy, feel free to steal.

I am Murdock

They call him "Howling Mad" and with good reason. Once a top notch pilot, the pressures of war left Murdock mad. He is known for his smirk, variety of personas and overall mental instability. When he isn't spending time institutionalized, Murdock is using his flying skills for the A-Team, driving B.A. nuts and talking to his imaginary dog.

Which A-Team member are you???

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