seductive kisses
seductive kisses

A hump is a hump is a hump.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004
+ Too lazy to work on the layout. Get used to the ugly colors for a few more days.

++ Gotta help Jude pack tonight. I'm so glad she's coming back in 2 weeks. I would be so lost without her. But I'd still be happy for her if she did want to make Florida her new home. But she doesn't. So thats a plus.

+++ I'm still looking for a job. I really shouldn't use the term 'looking'. Its more like... I need a job and I keep expecting one to fall in my lap. Hey, it could happen. =)

++++ I have a thing for baking. I really don't know why, but it soothes me somehow. And apparently, I'm good at it. Friends and family have been begging me to make pepperoni rolls for weeks. I finally bought all the stuff to make them, so I guess that is what I'll be doing today before I go out tonight.

+++++ I cannot sleep. At all. So I'm out all night and still wide awake when I venture home. When I actually do sleep it is totally unexpected. Yesterday I fell asleep at 6pm while I was watching television, waiting for my father. I didn't wake up until 8:45 and was late meeting Jude. It is now 4am, and you guessed it. No sleep in the near future. Meme time.

Wednesday Mind Hump.

In honor of Ice Cream day which commemorates the day in 1786 that ice cream was first sold in the United states let's start with a cool warm up. Using the letters of your favorite Ice cream reveal some quirky things about yourself.

Recently dyed my hair black. (I'm a natural blonde)
Oh no. I'm not Goth. (not that there is anything wrong with that)
Cookie is one of my many nicknames.
Kelli is my sisters name.
Yellow Roses are my favorite.

Room has 6 windows. (My bedroom, that is.)
Oh yeah. Its huge.
And, no. I am not bragging. Just being informative. =)
Dude. I say that word too much, dude.

Now that we're warmed up let's get humpin and have a total meltdown!

This week ... a getting to know you hump!

01. You are a source of light. What are you and why? I am the moon. Sometimes you cannot see the whole "me". But I am there. Glowing.

02. There's a huge neon sign above your head everywhere you go ... what is it flashing? Open 24 hours. Mwahaha.

03. If you could be anyone's blog, whose would you be and why? (Provide a link to that blog) Andrea's blog. Because it is full of music, color, humor, and truth.

04. If you could have a vanity phone number, what would it be and what would it spell? 1-800-386-8463. It spells ... 1-800-fun-time. Why? Because if you're not having fun, what's the freakin' point?

05. Look around you .... name two odd things in your vicinity and explain why they are are there. 1. My journal. I never leave my journal anywhere out in the open for fear of it being read. Which has happened. But I just wrote in it and have yet to put it away. 2. A glass of blue Kool-aid. Its odd because I never drink it, and it is kinda nasty. I was just soooo thirsty, and didn't feel like having another glass of water.

Post your answers on your blog or in the comments section. If you post them on your blog, be sure to leave a comment so we'll know you're humping! No pressure, you cwazees - we know that sometimes you feel like a hump and sometimes you don't so take your time - the Wednesday Mind Hump aint just for Wednesday anymore. Any day is a good day to get your hump on!

From the happy humping staff of BDI ... PEACE and humptiness forevah!

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