seductive kisses
seductive kisses

Stop looking at the flowers, you'll go blind.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004
. I've been having some really stupid dreams as of late. All of these dreams seem to be about my childhood. Dreams of my sister and I doing things that we did as children. Only, in every dream that I have, instead of it being my sister and I, it is my sister and my ex. It's like his head just took over my body, and all the things I did as a child are relived in my dreams with my ex fiance taking MY place. A therapist would have a field day with me. One of the most prevalent dreams is the one where my sister are I (or more like my ex) are riding on the back of my father's old pickup truck with our hands covering our eyes. Why are we covering our eyes? Because living in rural West Virginia, all back roads are lined with flowers. Flowers everywhere. On this particular summer all of the roads were lined with beautiful, orange Tiger Lilies. One hot summer day, being bored to tears, my sister and I asked if we could go pick some tiger lilies. My mother promptly told us no and also told us that if we stared at those flowers for too long that we would go blind. Of course I believed her. Why wouldn't I? She was my mother. So from then on, anytime I would see a bright orange tiger lily, I would close my eyes tightly, or put my hands over my face to block the view. My sister kept telling me that it was all a lie. But I begged and pleaded for her to shut her eyes as well, if not for herself, then for me. She always did. Deep down I knew she believed my mother, but being the older sister, she wanted to have some semblance of being the stronger, smarter one. I really cannot recall how long we believed this outlandish fib of my mother's. But that is one of my most recalled memories from my youth. To this day I still have no idea why my mother told us this lie. Was it just to have a little fun? Giggle as you watch the kids cover their faces in fear at the thought of going blind? Was there something along all those rural back roads that she did not want us to see? Or did she just not want us coming home with armloads of freshly picked orange tiger lilies that she would have to clean up? Who knows? |
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