seductive kisses
seductive kisses

Happy 4th of July.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Now I must do a party meme.

PARTY IN fridayfiver!!!

* pulls out the keg and Jell-O shots*

1. What kind of parties do you like? Big beer bashes? Small get-togethers? Big, huge, end-of-the-world beer bashes.

2. Do you play drinking games? Which ones? Are you any good at them? Oh yeahhh. I love drinking games. I am the grand poo-bah of flippy cup. You cannot beat me. Try me. I dare ya. =)

3. What was the best party experience you've ever had? The worst? Hmm. The best was July 4th 2 years ago. So many people. So much fun. All in my backyard. The worst... had a lot of those. Alcohol does that. Ya know.

4. Do you feel snacks are an important part of a party? What do you like to munch on? I cannot eat while I drink. Kills the buzz. But afterwards. I pig out. Mainly pizza.

5. Have you ever thrown a wild party while your parents were out of town? What happened? Yes. Never got in trouble. They always knew. They didn't really mind.

That's all folks. Let the party weekend begin.
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