seductive kisses
seductive kisses

Milking the cow.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004
. Things are about the same. But I'm fine. Even if I'm not, I will be.

. I'm seriously addicted to Outback Jack. I don't know why, but I love that show. Last night he sent Mary home. I think I would have sent Adrienne, but that's just me. And next week Marissa is back. Can't wait.

. I'm so moody lately that it scares people. I watched Cool Runnings the other night and I cried. Ya know, the movie about the Jamaican bobsled team. I've seen the movie a million times but when they tipped their bobsled and had to carry it over the finish line... Ahhh, it killed me.

. Songs that I can't stop listening to: Magnet & Steel - Walter Egan; Drive - The Cars.

Wednesday Mind Hump.

This Wednesday is Cow Appreciation Day so let's make this hump "udderly moovelous"! Using the letters of H-O-L-S-T-E-I-N list seven things on your fantasy wish list! The key word here is FANTASY!! So milk it for all it's worth!

Hormones - Wish I didn't have so damn many.
Ovaries - I need new ones.
Lasik Surgery - I'm sick of contacts.
Sand - I want the ocean to be right outside my front door.
Tons of money - Hey, who doesn't wanna be rich?
Energy - I never have any. I want it. In daily doses.
Invisibility - Sometimes, ya just need to be alone.
Nocturnal emissions - Never had one. Maybe I'd like it. lol.

Now that you're all warmed up let's do some "Getting To Know You" humping!

1. An artist paints your portrait while you are engaging in one of your favorite activities...what would you be doing? What would the title of the portrait be? Taking a bubble bath. - 'Obscure Intimacy.'

2. You come in a bottle and you have magical properties, what are you? Examples: genie, pancake syrup, etc... What would be on your instruction label? Raspberry scented body spray. Warning: Using large amounts of this product may cause deliriousness.

3. You've just been selected as a poster child for a make-believe organization. What is the organization and why have they specifically chosen you? BADP - Bloggers Againt Drunk Posting. Why did they choose me? Have you read some of my drunk posts? No... that's why I invented the delete button. That is why I am the poster child. Mwahaha.
'Friends don't let friends post drunk.'

4. "You can fly, you can fly, you can fly"! ...and you are NOT Peter Pan! Who or what are you? A bat. I sleep all day. I go out all night. I have been known to sleep hanging upside down. And rumor has it that I like to suck blood, and turn into a vampire. We all have our goals.

5. If you had a vanity horn on your vehicle (one which plays a song) what song would your horn blow to announce your arrival? She's a brick... HOUSE.

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