seductive kisses
seductive kisses

Theater Thursday.

Thursday, July 22, 2004
Week 10 - Moments.

This week's Theatre Thursday is dedicated to those Onscreen Moments that stay with you forever.

1) What moment from what movie still makes you laugh out loud - no matter how many times you see it? The part in Bruce Almighty when Jim Carrey is making the anchorman blubber like an idiot on live TV. I laugh so hard that my friends make me leave the room because they can't hear the movie.

2) What moment from what movie still makes you cry like a baby - no matter how many times you see it? 28 Days. When Sandra Bullock is talking to her sister. She says... "I'm sorry I make it so impossible to love me." It really hits home.

3) What moment from what movie made you actually turn your head from the screen - either in fear, revulsion, or contempt for the fact that you actually paid money to see the film? Frailty. The entire movie made me feel sick. I was in a daze for a week. I could not get the thought of it out of my head.

BONUS) What is one single moment from a film that is indelibly etched in your brain? Not a scene or a sequence exactly, but three or four seconds from a movie that contain an image or phrase or concept that transcends normal movies? I know, I am the biggest nerd. But every minute of Dirty Dancing is indelibly etched in my brain. Every second of it. I watched it when I was on the cusp of becoming a teenage girl. And we all know how teenage girls can be. To this day, when I watch it, its like watching it for the first time.

Take a Moment and answer these questions, and you'll feel you've flown across the moon..

Be sure to leave your name and site address in the comments!

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