seductive kisses
seductive kisses

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Thursday, July 15, 2004
. Blah to the 16th power.

. I feel fine. I really do. Sometimes I just cry. It's not like I need, or even want to. It just comes out. At the most unusual of times. Like last night, I was eating dinner with my Dad, and he asks me about my tuition because it raised AGAIN, of course. And I just start crying like a fool. He's all worried and asks me... "What, can you not pay it?". And I told him I already had it taken care of. So he asks why I'm crying. And I say "I don't know." Because, I don't. Well I do. But I had no idea it would affect me so much. So my Dad says we need to go out. He takes me to a local bar. We drink. We play pool. We play the jukebox. We listen to all the patrons spout out dirty jokes and whatnot. I giggled. Dad laughed. I didn't want to stay too long because we both had to get up early. So we came home, I was asleep by 11pm. And I was up at 3am. I tried to go back to sleep just for a couple of hours. No such luck. So here I am, posting about nothing much.

. After I finish everything I have to do today, I think I will come home and eat and watch an unhealthy amount of TV. Old movies (Cat On A Hot Tin Roof). Old episodes of Buffy, Roseanne, My So-Called Life, CSI, Without A Trace. Maybe. Yeah. I need alone time.

. Maybe I'll do a meme later. Try to anyway.

. One of my English Professors told me that I should pursue my writing. I did for awhile. But no matter what I get published. An article here, an essay there. In a newspaper here, a tiny magazine there. I never really get the feeling that I want. Sure, I feel good. But there is still something missing. If someone gives me a topic, I can ramble on for hours. But when I sit down to write from my own head, it mostly comes out in song. I'm seriously thinking of going back into vocal training. Maybe even starting guitar lessons. Just to see what happens. To see if it gives me the feeling I've been looking for. Because honestly, I have no clue what it is I am looking for. At all. Not just career-wise. In life.

. I've rambled enough, now I have to do a few fun things, or something. Have a great Thursday everyone.

.Saw this at Michael's.

misty Highway
Confusion Lane9
Study Hall22
County Jail39
Valley of Depression550
Please Drive Carefully

Where are you on the highway of life?

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. Ha!

You're a Horny Drunk
After a few drinks you start to feel lonely. Hence
the reason you find the most readily available
person and start making out with them. Who
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. I'm sorry. That one was just too accurate and funny.


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
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. Okay then.

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