seductive kisses
seductive kisses

Ya know what I mean? Happy July.

Thursday, July 01, 2004
. I'm feeling closed in. One of those airless days. When ya just can't seem to get far enough away from your own head. Know what I mean? Ehh... probably not.

. I still feel like I never have any time to blog. I haven't had a chance to do a meme in weeks and when I finally do, blogger eats it.

. I went out with my father last night. He was already drunk when he got home and he wanted to go somewhere. I did not want him to drive, so I played babysitter and drove him. We went to a local bar. We drank, we played pool, we sang old John Prine songs, and we got a ride home.

. Today I had to go get my car, make 4982656745 phone calls regarding bills, school, and the like, and I still have to clean the house and cook supper. Then I have a date at 7pm. And I haven't even had a shower. So why am I sitting at the computer? Because... I don't feel like doing all of the above. lol.

. It is just a little difficult being a 20something daughter, living with your 50something father. He won't let me pay any of the bills. He tells me to keep the house clean and make supper. Well, I want to pay. I feel I need to pay. He already took care of me for 18 years. Its my turn. That is the number one reason that I moved here instead of getting my own place. Ya know... after I broke off my engagement, I could have moved anywhere, but I want to keep an eye on my father. After my parents divorced last year, he started drinking heavily. Now that she won't speak to him at all.. it is progressively worse. I've tried everything I can think of to help. But now... I just listen. He's even been having flashbacks of Vietnam. Which I wrote about in a previous post but did not give details. I feel funny even writing about it now. Is it something I should keep private? How do I decide what I can and cannot write about. There is a delete button if I ever needed it. Anyway... I just had to vent. I love my dad more than anything. In case you didn't know. =)

. Saw this over at Barry's. Had to do it.

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You are quirky and misunderstood. You are
definitely your own person. You don't let
anyone tell you who you should be. You never
sell out your values and beliefs, no matter
what. However, you can sometimes have trouble
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Most Compatible With: Wintergreen

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. 'Your daddy never meant to hurt you ever. He just don't live here, but you've got his eyes.' - 75,000 Misty points* to whoever can tell me the singer and name of the song these lyrics come from. No cheating. Keep your mouse off of that search button.

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