seductive kisses
seductive kisses

I think I have Adult A.D.D.

Thursday, August 05, 2004
. Ok, maybe not Adult.

. Happy moment of the day : watching Dawson's Creek and eating yesterday's pizza.

. For the one and only time, here is the link to my new blog. It is all about sex. So if you don't wanna read about it. Don't.

. I love dogs. I hate dog hair.

. My keyboard needs to be dusted. Too many crumbs.

. My pants are too tight.

. My room smells. (like paint, ya sicko)

. My big toe is bruised. I may be a bit clumsy.

. I'm quite tired. I watched Signs again last night. I cannot watch creepy movies. I can't sleep for 2 days after viewing scary things. I see things in the shadows. I kept thinking I was seeing an alien hovering above me. So I kept my eyes closed as tightly as I could. Then I had to pee, when I opened my eyes, I saw the 2 little green lights from the VCR and I thought an alien was staring at me. I screamed. Woke up my friend. (I stayed with a friend last night. A girl. No we are not gay, but we are close enough that we aren't bothered by sleeping in the same bed.) This was the 3rd time that I woke her up already. At first I made her let me sleep by the door. Because the way I had it figured, if an alien was going to come after us, he would come through the window and I could run out the door and the alien would get her first. lol. The more I thought about it and the more I stared at the door, I figured the alien would come through the door. So I made her switch sides so I could be by the window and the alien would get her first. lol. I'm such a good friend. When I was little I slept in my parents bed until the double digits. I'm serious. And when they finally kicked me out of their bed, I slept outside their bedroom door. Finally, I talked my sister into letting me sleep with her. She kicked me out too. Finally, once I was in my own bed, I figured that if I lined up all of my stuffed animals on either side of me that the aliens/monsters/ghosts/vampires/witches/boogie men would get my stuffed animals before they would get me. lol. I know... I'm warped. I did this until I was 15. Make fun of me and I will send the aliens after you. |
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