seductive kisses
seductive kisses

Burns and birthdays and blogs. Oh my.

Thursday, September 02, 2004
* Oh, September. I'm sort of glad that it is September already. But then again, the summer went by too fast. But hey... I've had enough sun for awhile. I'm still recovering from a hell of a sunburn. So bring on the autumn weather.

* My nephew turned 7 on Friday the 27th. He was in the hospital for a few days with complications from his disease, but was released the day before his birthday. Happy Birthday, little man.

* I actually had some free time yesterday and today. I got all 3 of my blogs updated. Well, I'm updating this one right now. I did Theater Thursday yesterday, and I did my other blog this morning.

* I went out Tuesday night with my Aunt. Wasn't supposed to be anything major, we were just gonna have a few beers, play a few games of pool, and then head home. But the beer was tasting oh so good. I didn't leave until 2 am. And once again, I cheated on my boy diet. But that's only twice that I've cheated in a month. That's not so bad is it? Cha.

* I cannot wait until Saturday. The first WVU game. I'm about to piss in my pants, I am so excited.

* I have plans tonight, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. No classes Monday. Woohoo. Yay for Labor Day.

* The president will be in West Virginia this Sunday. In the town of Parkersburg. This is his second visit to Parkersburg in 4 months. My mother lives right across the street from the aiport where Bush will be landing. Last time it took her 4 hours just to get in her driveway. Have a nice relaxing Sunday, Mommy. Ha.

* I know I seriously slacked on the challenge. And August is over, so I will finish it now. My happy moments:

Monday the 23rd: Starting classes again.
Tuesday the 24th: Seeing all my college friends again.
Wednesday the 25th: Halee said this to me: "I like you Misty. You're so pretty".
Thursday the 26th: My nephew was released from the hospital.
Friday the 27th: My nephew's birthday.
Saturday the 28th: Seeing the ocean for the first time.
Sunday the 29th: Swimming in the ocean for the first time.
Monday the 30th: Soothing aloe for my sunburn.
Tuesday the 31st- My last happy moment for August : Having sex. lol. What did you expect? You always gotta to out with a bang.

* Maybe I'll do the meme later. Right now, I'm tired and hungry. |
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