seductive kisses
seductive kisses

Hard to resist.

Friday, September 03, 2004
* I went out again last night with one of my best friends that I call Shwa. He was so trashed. He fell down twice. I, of course, had to laugh at him. I knew neither of us could drive, so we took a Taxi to his house. I slept in his bed, he slept on the couch. His dad showed up in the morning at 8 and woke us up. We didn't even get to bed until 4. Needless to say, I wasn't happy being woke up. His dad was my softball coach for 7 years. He still calls me little Misty. Bugs the hell out of me. So since I was already awake, I decided to come on home. Shwa wanted me to stay and go swimming. At 8am? Are you nuts? This girl is lazy, let me relax for a few, dude.

* So anyway, I'm home. I did laundry, I showered, I washed the dishes. Now, I'm bored. So I think I'll go swimming. lol.

* Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone. =) See ya Tuesday.

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