seductive kisses
seductive kisses

I guess you had to be there.

Monday, September 27, 2004
. The weekend was good.

. Is it a compliment when someone tells you that they like you because you're different?

. WVU won. Still undefeated. We beat James Madison 45 to 10, but it was a very sloppy win. Still ranked 6th. Next week : at Virginia Tech.

. I had sex. Very, very good sex.

. I went to the Air Expo '04. It was fun except for Halee screaming. She hates loud noise.

. I saw a local biker band. They were good.

. I slept for almost 10 hours on Sunday. That was great.

. Now I'm going to do a meme or two. I promise a better update later. And... I updated my other blog. Tata.

. Monday Madness.

Name THREE of your........

1. Pet Peeves: Ignorance, Egotism, Hate.
2. Favorite Sounds: Music, Laughter, Rain.
3. Desk Items: Speakers, Keyboard, Printer.
4. Biggest Fears: Failure, Failure, Failure.
5. Biggest Challenges: College, Raising children, Patience.
6. Newest 'Toys': Ehhh, none recently. None worth mentioning.
7. Most Used Words: Dude, Oh-my-god, F*ck.
8. Most Mispelled Words: I'm lazy and I type too fast. I'm sure I mispell tons of words. I never use spell check.
9. Favorite Disney Characters: Ariel, Belle, and Sebastian.
10. Bookmarks on Your Homepage: I love all of my bookmarks. That's why I bookmarked 'em.

. Monday Music Mambo.

Week 27

It's Mambo Time again ladies and gentlemen. This week is a countdown of sorts. A Musical Countdown of favorites and memories. So do you think that you're up to it?

5. -- Songs that make you happy
Everybody wants you - Billy Squier.
Here for the party - Gretchen Wilson.
The Chain - Fleetwood Mac.
Dear Abby - John Prine.
Try A Little Tenderness - Otis Redding.

4. -- Albums you can't live without
Anything by John Prine.
Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish.
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours.
Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory.

3. -- Artists that you'd like to recommend
John Prine.
Joan Armatrading.

2. -- Songs that you and one of your parents enjoy
Once again... anything by John Prine.
Man to Man - Gary Allen.

1. -- Musical memory you'd like to share....
My fondest musical memory is growing up listening to my dad sing and play guitar. He only knew John Prine songs. =) |
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