seductive kisses
seductive kisses

It takes up all my time just trying to be alone.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004
. I know it's been about a week since I last posted and I neglected to do Theater Thursday last week, but I just didn't have the chance or the time. I may just do Theater Thursday right now, because I may neglect the blog for another week. Not real sure. We had massive flooding in my area. The town next to us was completely shut down. Most roads were flooded, power was out. Fortunately, my house was not damaged and there were no casualties.

. The kids have been attached to my hip. And my ex has been helping me with them all week. But I did get to go out 2 nights. I enjoyed myself, but nothing exciting. Friday was spent with the ex and other friends, drinking and laughing. Saturday was game day with Shwa then a night on the town. With Shwa. No Dipthong, Barry. =)

. The WVU game was intense. We won again. 3-0. But, I'm still disappointed. Maryland was the only ranked team on our schedule and we barely beat them. Not to mention the fact that the Big East is so watered down this year. I realize that we're not the first team to have such an easy schedule, I just hate to see us actually make it to a big bowl game and lose... or worse. We win and people say we didn't deserve to be there. Considering which poll you go by, we're 7th in the Coaches Poll. 6th in the AP. Next week we play James Madison. Go 'Eers.

. I keep telling everyone that I am not going back to college until the fall. Hellllllo Misty, it is fall. I meant that I'm not going back until January. Which technically is winter. But it's basically Spring 2005 classes. Anyway...

. Now for the Daily Dirt.

Best Friends...

1. Do you have a best friend and are they of the opposite sex? Yes and Yes. Shwa and my ex.
2. Have you had previous best friends? Yeah, 2. Angie and Carnie.
3. Do you believe in best friends? Most of the time.
4. Do you think you can have more than one best friend? Of course.
5. How many friends do you have? Enough.

. I updated my other blog. Not much else to update about. Tonight my aunt wants to take me out. But I'm not really into it. I'm so tired lately. And I think I've actually lost my appetite. Well... we did order that pizza last night. Hmm... |
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