seductive kisses
seductive kisses

Please Don't Bury Me.

Friday, September 10, 2004
. I took one of those inane tests that tell you how long you will live.

Your calculated health span is 53.2 years.

. Doesn't that suck.

. John Prine songs work very well as entry titles.

. I try to divide my time between my father and my mother's house so that they can both see the kids and help me with the kids. I normally do not get along with my mom. She thinks I drink and party too much. I think she is too controlling. Typical mom/daughter things. This week, my mom and dad are not getting along again. So when I am at mom's, I call dad to check in. And vice versa. Well, now my dad won't answer the phone when I call from mom's because he is mad at me for being here. Oy vey. Dude, help me help you. I'm doing all of this shit to help these kids out, and make sure you still get to see your grandkids and all I get is shit. Ya know... I could be like their mom and take off and not care at all what happens to them. But no, I am here, I am taking care of them, and I don't plan on going anywhere. All the while still attending college and trying to live my own life. So PLEASE... if we could all just put aside our differences for just a few damn days to help these innocent children desperately missing their mom, I would really freaking appreciate it. Thanks.

. Other than that... not much else going on. I finally have 2 days to myself. Well, 2 nights. Good enough. Tonight, I'm going out alone, yo. My friends miss me, but ya know... I need ME time. And Saturday is the WVU game. And then off to see a local band.

. Everyone have a great weekend. See ya Monday. =) |
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