seductive kisses
seductive kisses

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Thursday, November 11, 2004
. I'm tired all the time. Whenever I get a break from the kids, I am lounging in a bed, on the couch. Anywhere that is comfortable. My stomach hurts all the time. Kinda crampy, kinda nauseating. I cry all the time. Mostly watching TV. Even 'The Waterboy' makes me cry. I can't drink alcohol. After 3 drinks, I'm sick as all hell and need to sleep. I haven't been out in a month. I want to physically harm someone. I want to hit something or someone until I can no longer move. If I didn't know better, I'd think I was pregnant(or I'm in need of a very good shrink). Which is certainly possible, just not likely. It's more along the lines of "shouldn't", not "can't". Yeah... I know. I will get it checked out. Just not right away. No news is good news, mmhmm? I still think I need the shrink.

. I tried to dye my hair a dark brown. It turned more like a coal black. My niece wants to know why I have 'beautiful witch hair'. Funny. It'll be blonde again in a week. I'm lucky I still have hair. So many products, so little time.

. WVU lost again, which may have ended our chances for the Big East title. And the Sugar or Fiesta Bowl. I broke many things watching that game. Must move on.

. Shwa will be gone in a week and a half. I miss him already.

. I was so frustrated the other night, I actually looked up at the sky and screamed... "I just need a little help. RIGHT NOW, I NEED A LITTLE HELP." It started raining. Guess he thought I was dirty.

. I think I'll make pepperoni rolls tonight, and immerse myself in bad MTV reality shows.

. Things will get better, things do get better. But if you don't keep that sense of humor, you will become a serial killer. - Advice from a friend. How sweet.

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