seductive kisses
seductive kisses

I have a teenager living inside of me.

Thursday, November 04, 2004
. No, I'm not unnaturally pregnant. I still think I'm 16. I really do. I act like a teenager. I talk like a teenager. So for the last week, when I have free time to get on the internet, I have been surfing Seventeen magazine's website. They have over 50 quizzes that tell you all about your style, personality, friends, etc. And of course, I did over half of them. This, my friends, is what I've learned about my teenage self...

If I went to the prom with a celebrity, it would be with Heath Ledger.

I am periodically perceptive when it comes to menstruation.

My future career will be in Journalism. (Which is quite interesting, considering that that has been my major for the last 2 years. Yet I've decided to change it when I go back in the Spring, having recently taken a semester off for personal reasons.)

My bra personality is sporty. (Yes, my bra personality.)

If I was a character from the WB, I would be Lana Lang from Smallville.

I am a gold star friend.

My result on the "Are You Hot"? quiz was... Feeling The Heat.

When it comes to my knowledge of boys and their bodies and minds, I am a Master of the Male Species.

The reality show that is most like my life is The Real World: Philadelphia.

Am I a Free Spirit? I'm Like A Bird.

The celebrities whose style most resemble mine... Drew Barrymore & Kirsten Dunst.

I love and hate my body. Yes, it is a love/hate relationship.

I'm Swimming in the Shallow End when it comes to the importance of looks.

My theme song should be Pink's "GOD is a DJ".

The signal I send to guys : "I'm Unapproachable."

I should always wear green eyeshadow.

. Wasn't that fun? Mmhmm. And with magazine articles in mind... Brandie posted a funny entry about the strange things men do for an orgasm.

. Now for Theater Thursday.

Week 24 - The Classics.

Everyone has their own idea of what a classic movie is. Most would put films such as The Wizard Of Oz, Casablanca, and The Godfather on the classics list. We want to know what you think. So this week, there is just one question. What is classic to you?

Give us your list of YOUR top 10 "classic" films.

(In no particular order and not exactly 10.)
1. Wizard of Oz.
2. Beauty and the Beast.
3. Little Mermaid.
4. Stand By Me.
5. Shawshank Redemption.
6. Star Wars Trilogy.
7. Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
8. Dirty Dancing.
9. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.
10. Jaws.
11. The Usual Suspects.
12. Princess Bride.
13. The Stand.
14. E.T.
15. Dazed and Confused.
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