seductive kisses
seductive kisses

Please, please, please. & ass.

Friday, November 05, 2004
. I want an iPod. And I can get a free one if 5 people would just sign up and complete one offer with me as a referral. Then you can get 5 people and you can get a free one. C'mon, help me out. Money is tight ya'know. Having had to take in 2 kids. So please, please, please, click this link and help me get an iPod. I'll give ya lots of link love, and comment love, and and and... any other kind of love I can give ya.

Sad seeing a grown woman beg, ain't it? Well, grown isn't exactly the appropriate term, eh?

Check out this great site that is giving away totally free iPods! I've joined and I think you should as well. It's a completely legitimate offer, and this company has already given away $4 million in free stuff!

All you have to do is join, complete and online offer, and refer friends to do the same. That's it!

Here is my referral link. To help me get my iPod, click this exact link to join, or copy and paste it into a browser:


It's gotta be that link, or the highlighted one up there or I won't get credited for a referral. Thanks much. AND... it's only available to U.S. residents. I am sorry that I failed to mention that before I updated this. That really sucks for my international readers, like Daphne. But thanks for trying. You're a sweetheart.

And just to let ya know I didn't post an entire entry just to get free stuff... I'll add some ass. Yeah... ass.


Life is all about ass.

You're either covering your ass. Laughing your ass off. Kicking ass. Kissing ass. Busting your ass. Trying to get a piece of ass. Or behaving like an ass.

. That last one would be me. But still, help a sister out. Have a great weekend, y'all. |
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