seductive kisses
seductive kisses

That should about do it.

Monday, November 01, 2004
. It really is November already, huh? My dad's birthday is November 7th. He'll be 52. What could I possibly buy for him? I hate gift shopping.

. Election day is tomorrow. Thank goodness it's almost over. Don't forget to vote. And then... let us never discuss it again. Heh. We can only hope it's not a repeat of 4 years ago.

. Miss Tay had the idea of listing our turn ons/offs for all the BlogExplosion folks. So here goes...

Turn Ons & Offs - All in one condensed (steaming) pile.
  • MUSIC. I love music. Any and all music.

  • HUMOR. I love to laugh. Make me laugh and you've got me forever.

  • LIFE. I want to hear about your life. Not about what you think about other's lives.

  • DRAMA. Reading about other's drama can be intersting. I just don't want any.

  • QUIZZES, MEMES, TESTS. Yes, I get bored sometimes, and I will do these when I feel the need.

  • SIGHT. I like to be able to see the blog I am reading.

  • KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. It's fine if you want to tell me who it is that you voted for, but do not try to shove your political views down my throat. I'm really not that interested. Same goes for religion. I respect your opinion, THE FIRST TIME.

  • KISS. Keep it simple stupid. I do not need an 8000 word diatribe on the pleasantries of milking a cow.

  • HELP&DESIGN. I love new layouts. I love looking at all the beautiful layouts. Yet, I am computer illiterate. So anyone that would just love to make me a new layout and do all the work by yourself with nothing but a thank you and a link back from me... YOU ARE THE ONE I AM LOOKING FOR.

  • There ya go...

    . I cannot wait for Thanksgiving. I want a real excuse to pig out. And Christmas. I don't want any gifts. Just bring on the ham and pies. (I'm very hungry right now.) I want to bake cookies and pies, turkey and ham. I want noodles, and rolls. Mashed potatoes and gravy. Green beans. I'll pass on the stuffing, yams, and cranberry crap. I better go eat.

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