seductive kisses
seductive kisses

The eyes have it.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004
I have very sensitive eyes, and I wear contacts. Not a good combo. Every now and then my eyes (or eye, sometimes it's just one)will get infected. It twitches, it oozes, it burns. Haha. Sounds more like my nether regions. Well, not mine. You know what I mean. So yeah... where was I? My right eye is messing with me today. It feels like someone stuck a hot poker in it. And every few minutes a single, solitary tear will slide down my cheek. I tell people I have the pink eye and they better stay back. THE PINK EYE. Kinda like the funk, but not.

The last time one of my eyes got seriously sensitive, I went to my eye doctor. He checked me out, called in a prescription, la la la. I went to the drug store. Ordered my teeny, tiny, little bottle of eye drops. $80. Eighty freaking dollars for a week's worth of eye juice. WTF?

Today, I go hunting for my still half-full bottle of eyedrops from those many months ago. GONE. How hard is it gonna be to talk the doc, or the pharmacy dude into letting me have an $80 bottle of eyedrops free?... for Christmas, of course.

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