seductive kisses
seductive kisses

Insanity levels are rising.

Friday, December 17, 2004
People act all crazy during the holidays. Shopping has become a full contact sport. I'd be almost afraid to finish my Christmas shopping if it weren't for all the Tae-Bo I've been doing lately. ( I ate one too many pies at Thanksgiving.)In the past three weeks I have seen ladies (and gentleman) buying trash cans, ( coolers, hampers, and even luggage) stuffing them full of merchandise. They then proceed to the check out line thinking that the cashier will not even look inside of the aforementioned items. When the cashier does lift the lid and sees the cornucopia of prizes inside, she starts scanning them. The customer then goes into a rage shouting that those items are not hers and she is not paying for them. Chaos ensues. Things are thrown. Yes, thrown. Managers are summoned. Authorities are called.

I find it all quite amusing. Except for the cashiers. They have to put it up with that all day, then go do their own shopping at night.

The funniest episode involved a woman trying to get away with stuffing a trash can full of merchandise. When the cashier lifted the lid and saw all of these things inside, she asked the lady if she was going to pay for all the stuff, or had she decided that she didn't want it. The lady instantly started screaming obscenities, calling the cashier a bitch more than once. When the manager arrived and said he was calling the authorities, the lady ran off screaming the bitch word several more times.

I really wanted to see someone chase her, but it didn't happen.

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