seductive kisses
seductive kisses

Stuffing your stocking.

Monday, December 20, 2004
I suck when it comes to shopping for other people. I ask and ask and ask them what they would like to have. They always answer with the perfunctory "I don't know". So I end up buying the most useless crap in the world, with receipt in hand so they can exchange anything and everything. With the kids, it doesn't matter. They get excited just tearing up the wrapping paper. With the adults, it's hard to tell. They always smile and say thanks, but there is always that sideways glance that looks as though they're looking for the nearest trashcan.

Last year, I totally lost my mind and bought my mom a huge lion head fountain for her garden/patio area. That big bastard cost $169. I was thinking it was revenge for all of her years of never telling me what she wanted. She loves the hideous thing. She calls it "Romanesque". I bought my dad a million chocolate covered cherries because everytime I asked what he wanted, he would say Chocolate Covered Cherries. I bought him like 15 boxes. They were gone in 3 weeks. I thought he was going to give them away to family. But he ate them all. Dad... that is so not healthy.

This year... you're all getting gift cards. Except for the kids. |
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