seductive kisses
seductive kisses


Thursday, February 17, 2005
I know, I never post. I'm such a bad blogger. Things, they are a 'changing. My new site will be up and running soon. Thanks to the lovely and talented Miss Zoot. You can go take a peek but it won't be finished for a few more days. (Razberi.net) Yeah, that's my new URL. Razberi dot net. Cute, huh?

Anywho... I am officially in a relationship again. The Ex and I have decided that we are totally in love and always will be. We had an excellent Valentine's Day. I do love the man. And he loves me. We will do everything we can to make it work this time. And other than that, just hope for the best. We did have a pretty crappy week though. Electrical problems made the phone, cable, TV, stereo, and most everything else short out. It was pretty scary. But it's all been fixed. Except the phone. But we always have the cell. But no internet, because I have dial-up. Yes, I live in the stone ages. I'm at my mom's now. (Hi mom, I'm just here to use your computer.)

So... that's about all for now. But you know I can't leave without making you do something. I have a few questions. Just because I'm curious. And thinking of getting new cable service.

What cable/dish system do you use?

How much do you pay/ how many channels do you receive?

And... and... is anyone watching the new seasons of American Idol or Survivor? |
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